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URL Parameters


Only "hidden" URL parameters are listed here

TurboWarp will automatically store settings such as turbo mode, 60 FPS, high quality pen, etc. in the URL, but some advanced options still need to be manually applied. This page only documents these advanced options.


The username option controls the value of the username block.

Cloud host

The cloud_host option lets you change the cloud variable server that TurboWarp will connect to, for example:

Inclusion of ws:// or wss:// is optional but recommended. wss:// is the default cloud data server used by TurboWarp, so this example doesn't actually change anything. Insecure ws:// servers may not work because TurboWarp uses HTTPS.

It is not possible to use this to connect to Scratch's cloud variable server as it requires account credentials which TurboWarp can't support.

Custom extensions

The extension option loads a custom extension from a URL. See Custom Extensions.

Disable compiler

The nocompile option turns off the compiler. You probably shouldn't enable this.

Project URL

The project_url option tells TurboWarp to download project data from an arbitrary URL. Do not use together with a regular project ID.

This works with any URL that supports CORS, not just https:// is optional, but it is recommended to not put it for brevity. http:// URLs generally will generally not work for security reasons. Note that the URL needs to be a direct download and must support CORS (Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *). GitHub Pages will do this automatically and is known to work well.

Project token

The token option tells TurboWarp what it should use as the project token when it fetches a project from Scratch. This is an experimental feature related to the upcoming unshared project changes to possibly allow the creator of a project to share their own unshared projects.

The process to obtain a project token is not described here.

Note that tokens seem to be designed to expire after five minutes as the tokens returned from Scratch contain a timestamp 300 seconds in the future, so links that use this feature should be expected to stop working very quickly.

Some may be uncomfortable putting the project token in the URL because it will be sent to TurboWarp's servers. We do not log project tokens specified using a URL parameter in any way. If this promise isn't enough for you, you can also put the token in the fragment or hash part of the URL which won't be sent to our server. For example: You can examine the requests made by the website to verify that this token is only ever used to download the project directly from Scratch.