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Cloud Variables

TurboWarp has its own cloud variable server independent of Scratch.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Anyone can change their username using the "Edit > Change Username" menu. A user who appears to be named "griffpatch" is most likely not the real griffpatch.
  • To reduce abuse, the cloud variable server rejects any username that doesn't belong to an existing Scratch account.
  • Names of Scratch Team members cannot be used due to potential abuse. That includes ScratchCat.
  • The variable length limit has been significantly increased to allows tens of thousands of characters.
  • Cloud variables can still only hold numbers.
  • Cloud variables are reset whenever the server restarts or when no one is in the project for a short period of time, so things like leaderboards won't be saved very long.
  • Cloud variables are disabled when the editor is opened.
  • Do not abuse cloud variables to make unmoderated chat rooms.
  • There are no public cloud variable history logs.