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TurboWarp can be embedded with a standard iframe:

<iframe src="" width="482" height="412" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Replace 414716080 with the ID of your project. You can change the width and height of the iframe and the player will automatically resize to fit (482x412 will result in the stage rendering at an undistorted 480x360).

TurboWarp's embeds will have a transparent background if the iframe is allowed to be transparent. TurboWarp's embeds will have a fullscreen button if the iframe is allowed to become fullscreen. The example code above enables both of these feature.

Unshared projects can't be embedded

Unshared projects can not be shown in embeds. Make sure the projects you embed are shared or use the TurboWarp Packager instead.

URL parameters

All standard URL Parameters are still available. You can use these to control usernames and other things.

There are also some special parameters only available in embeds:


Embeds support the autoplay parameter, which will automatically hit the green flag when the project loads. For example:

Note that sound blocks may not work until the user interacts with the project (for example, by clicking). This is a restriction imposed by browsers. There is nothing TurboWarp can do to work around this.

Settings button

You can optionally enable a settings button in embeds with the settings-button parameter that opens a similar menu to the "Advanced settings" menu found in the website and editor. For example:

Fullscreen background color

Outside of fullscreen mode, the embed is transparent so you can style the parent element if you want to change the background color.

In fullscreen mode, the embed will either use a white or an almost black color depending on whether the user's computer is configured to dark mode or not.

To override this behavior, set the fullscreen-background parameter to a CSS color value like black or rgb(50,90,100). For example:

You can also use hex colors if you escape the # with percent encoding: %23abc123.


By default, embeds have no addons enabled. This can be overridden with the addons parameter, which is a comma separated list of addon IDs to enable. For example:,gamepad,mute-project

Useful addons and their IDs:

  • "Pause button" is pause
  • "Muted project player mode" is mute-project
  • "Remove curved stage border" is remove-curved-stage-border
  • "File drag and drop" is drag-drop
  • "Gamepad support" is gamepad
  • "Reverse order of project controls" is editor-buttons-reverse-order
  • "Clone counter" is clones

Other addons will have no effect on the embed.

Security considerations

If you use user-supplied information to generate embed links, you should sanitize any arguments to make sure users can't supply arbitrary URL parameters as some can lead to unexpected behaviors.

Need more control?

Use the TurboWarp Packager for more control over the loading screen, accent colors, controls, and more. You can also embed the output of the packager very easily.


If you use a TurboWarp embed in a commercial website, it is in your best interest to donate to us and the projects we rely upon to ensure the embed continues to function smoothly. ❤️


TurboWarp is licensed under the GPLv3.0. We believe that an <iframe> of a GPLv3.0 work doesn't create a derivative work under the GPLv3.0, rather it creates an "aggregate work" which is not subject to the same requirements as derivative works. However, we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Talk to a lawyer if this matters to you.