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How to download the JavaScript

Short Answer

Long Answer

The code generated by TurboWarp is not designed to be read or edited by humans. Attempting to do so would be actively harmful to one's learning because of the many unusual things done to improve compatibility or performance.

For example, in regular JavaScript accessing a list item is as simple as myList[myIndex], but TurboWarp does (b1.value[(b0.value | 0) - 1] ?? "") or listGet(b0, b1.value) depending on what assumptions it can make. b0 and b1 are real variable names that TurboWarp will use and listGet is a magic function that's part of the TurboWarp runtime. The code also lacks any formatting. Some more code samples are available in another page.

If you want to convert Scratch projects to readable and editable JavaScript, use

If you really know what you're doing...

Run this in the JavaScript console before starting the project:


Then the JavaScript will be logged to the console when it gets compiled.

If you don't know what a "JavaScript console" is or how to access it, then it's in your best interest to not look at the generated JavaScript anyways.