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TurboWarp Blocks

TurboWarp has a section of blocks that allows you to use certain features previously not accessible to Scratch projects.

NEW: TurboWarp now supports unsandboxed extensions which add new blocks!

is compiled? and is TurboWarp?

is compiled?


These blocks are "compatible" with Scratch because they're actually just modified argument reporters.


Every block beyond this warning is incompatible with Scratch. Projects that use them can not be uploaded to the Scratch website. If you don't use any TurboWarp-exclusive blocks, then there should be no issue with making your project in TurboWarp and uploading it to Scratch.

last key pressed

last key pressed

It tells you the last key that was pressed. It's intended to be used something like this:

when any key pressed, do something with last key pressed

mouse button down?

primary mouse button down?

It's like "mouse down?" but lets you check each individual button. Keep in mind that due to how Scratch interprets mouse input, it's possible for a block like "is primary mouse button down?" to report true while the standard "mouse down?" reports false.

  • (0) primary is usually left
  • (1) middle is usually scroll wheel
  • (2) secondary is usually right (running this block once will disable right click on the stage)