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Help Translate TurboWarp

We're looking for people to help translate TurboWarp into languages other than English. If that interests you, read on.

Create a new discussion if you have questions following this guide:

Joining the translation team


  • You are expected to read this entire document.
  • You must be fluent in both English and another language.
  • We want translations written by humans, not by machines. That means NO Google Translate or other machine translators.
  • Requests to translate new languages that aren't already supported by Scratch will be rejected.
  • The initial translation for new languages may take a while but future updates will be very quick. Please check occasionally to translate any newly added strings.
  • This won't be a large time commitment. Don't lose sleep over this. We're all volunteers.

Request to join

  • Go to our Transifex page, and click on the purple "Join this project" button.
  • You'll probably have to create a Transifex account. Enter your email, a new password, then Sign Up.
  • When asked for your name, enter your username as your name and surname instead of your real name. For "department" and "job title", select "localization" and "individual contributor".
  • On then next step, select "join an existing project".
  • Choose the language(s) you want to translate into.

The request will be accepted within a few days.

If the request is rejected, that most likely means that Scratch (and by extension, TurboWarp) does not support that language.

Writing translations

Find your language on and click the Translate button.

Read to learn how to use the Transifex translator.

Translations are pulled from Transifex periodically.

Our translations are broken up into a different resource for each subproject: